Kriteria Sindroma Metabolik Menurut IDF

Kriteria Sindroma Metabolik IDF


Risk Factor                                                                              Defining Level


Increased WC (population specific) plus any 2 of the following :

Triglycerides                                                                           ≥150 mg/dL

            or on Triglycerides treatment

HDL cholesterol

            Men                                                                                <40 mg/dL

            Women                                                                           <50 mg/dL

            or on HDL cholesterol treatment

Blood pressure                                                                        ≥130/≥85 mm Hg

            or on Blood presuure treatment

Fasting glucose                                                                       ≥100 mg/dL

            (includes diabetes)


(Sumber: IDF, 2005).

Sumber : International Diabetes Federation, 2005. Worldwide definition of the metabolic syndrome.Availableat:


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